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THE extraordinary story of ady barkan, a young FATHER dying of ALS, who LAUNCHES the most unlikely political movement in a generation.


Ady’s Story

Ady Barkan and his wife Rachael always said they were the luckiest people they knew. In the summer of 2016, the Yale law grad’s career as a progressive lawyer was thriving, and Rachael had just given birth to their beautiful baby boy, Carl. Then, like a lightning strike, Ady is diagnosed with ALS, a deadly, debilitating disease that will soon paralyze his entire body.

During a chance encounter on an airplane, Ady runs into Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, the deciding vote on Trump’s Tax Bill which threatens to gut Medicare and Medicaid—programs that Ady will need to rely on as his disease progresses. Ady pleads with the Senator to “be a hero” and vote no on the bill which could save his life. This conversation, captured on video, goes viral before the plane lands.

Capitalizing on the momentum of his new public platform, Ady launches the “Be a Hero” campaign to replace the politicians who voted to take away his health care. Joined by a motley crew of activists, they venture out in a handicap-accessible RV across the country to launch the most unlikely political movement in a generation. We get a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to build a movement, the power of personal storytelling as a tool for change, and the poignancy of a dying man reminding us that we need to act now to shape a better future for ourselves and for future generations to come. Ady’s story urges us to ask ourselves what kind of mark we want to make on our society and what we are willing to give to achieve it.

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